Statelogic engineers specialized data acquisition systems and measuring instruments. Statelogic areas of expertise includes sensors and data acquisition, sonar telemetry, and control systems. Statelogic has designed products for life-sciences, oceanographic, and security related fields. Contact Statelogic to find out more.

Specialized modules

General Products

Statelogic demonstrates commitment to quality with a line of versatile multifunction systems which provide an all-in-one solution to serve a wide range of data acquisition uses. Since first introduced as the SOSI (Serial Output Sensor Interface) in 2005, the new PALC (Programmable/Acquisition/Logger/Controller) has been refined and augmented with new capabilities. The PALC basic design may be altered to add specific features and functions, or scaled down to match customer requirements. The PALC may be purchased directly from Statelogic.


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