The link below will open a telnet session to a PALC-M4HV to demonstrate the setup and text menu function. The inputs of the PALC are not connected to anything and will read noise. The PALC is connected to the serial port of a host PC. The host PC is running Ethernet IP redirector software* which allows a user anywhere on the Internet to interact with the PALC on the end of the serial port.


Connect to a PALC-M4HV: telnet://

Note: web browsers on MS Windows® will open Hyperterminal® with pop-up dialogs. Answer the three dialogs as follows: "Location Information" -> Cancel. "Confirm Cancel" -> Yes. And OK. When the Hyperterminal® window opens, hit return to see the PALC menu.

Tap the space bar at any time to see the available menu options

This unit may be in any state of operation depending on a previous user. If it is running and scrolling data, type "s" (for stop) and hit return.


*Virtual Serial Ports Emulator software can be downloaded for free from

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