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PALC 3 Volt Model PALC 8-30 Volt Model


The PALC (Programmable Acquisition Logger Controller) is a multifunction data acquisition system with 65K sample logging and six automatic controllers. Interface is through an RS-232 serial port with an intelligent text menu based user interface. The PALC line was designed to be independent from proprietary host software and operating systems. The PALC interfaces with any computer with a standard RS-232 serial port. The PALC can be used in conjunction with a host computer or configured for stand-alone operation as a data logger or controller. A diagram of the organization of features follows this section.

The four PALC versions feature either a maximum 10 samples per second, or up to 60 samples per second with time clock scheduled operation (M3 or M4). These two types are specified for operation from 3V batteries or 12-30V automotive supply operation (3V or HV versions). These are summarized in the PALC Versions table below.


Internal Functions

PALC Block Diagram



Features of the M3 and M4

  1. Eight Input/Output channels configurable for a variety of functions:
    • Up to 6 analog inputs.
    • One quadrature Encoder digital interface measures angular position.
    • Two logic level inputs measure frequency, count events, measure RPM (60sec/T)
    • Up to 8 digital inputs or outputs.
  2. A MOSFET Power Switch to ground, rated 2A.
  3. Reference output, 5.12 V, 100 mA.
  4. Five sample trigger modes. Sample rates from 10 Hz to once every 10 minutes
  5. Functions as a stand-alone data logger with 65,000 samples memory.
  6. Functions as a stand-along controller. Six independent "bang-bang" controllers are available to monitor any input and control any output including the solid state relay Power Switch. Inputs to the controllers may be any converted data from the Analog, RPM, Frequency, or the Rotary Encoder inputs. The user specified inputs are monitored and compared to user specified set-points. The result of the comparison determines the state of the user specified output.
  7. The text menu interface:
    • Displays the correct English command syntax with a tap the space key.
    • Automatically completes a command argument after the first keystrokes of the command are entered.
    • Does not echo or respond to incorrect syntax.
  8. A plastic dust cover with wire exit is provided.

Additional to the M4

  1. The serial baud rate and the maximum sample rate are 6 times faster than Model 3. See the PALC Versions chart below
  2. Scheduled run feature with period (repeat interval) from 00:02 to 23:59 (hours:minutes). Sampling run duration from 00:01 to 23:59 (hours:minutes). Low power sleep between runs to ration battery life and logging memory.
  3. Clock maintains time during sleep shutdown. (M3 version clock stops during sleep.)


  1. Computer with RS-232 serial interface.
  2. Serial terminal software (HyperTerminal®). A USB port may be used with an adapter to convert to RS-232.


PALC Versions

The PALC is available in four versions.


Features Supply Voltage
M3-3V 9600 baud
10 Hz sampling

3 Volt
M3-HV 9600 baud
10 Hz sampling

8-30 Volt
57600 baud
60 Hz Sampling
Scheduled run
3 Volt
57600 baud
60 Hz Sampling
Scheduled run

8-30 Volt


The scheduled run mode feature of the M4 version is supported by a 24 hour clock which operates during sleep. For the duration of a scheduled run, normal sampling will commence according to trigger mode and sample rate. By setting the repeat interval to zero, the PALC will run just once at the next scheduled run and stop. Otherwise the PALC will wake-up periodically at the repeat interval and sample for the set duration. The M4 keeps time while in sleep mode.

The PALC M3 versions do not have scheduled run and will halt time keeping in sleep mode. Sleep mode may be disabled in both versions.


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